Maj-Britt Kjær Sørensen

Maj-Britt Kjær Sørensen

Maj-Britt is an experienced entrepreneur who has worked with all sizes of companies from small startups to large corporations for more than a decade.

In her latest project she seeks to help companies reduce the Gender Data Gap and reap the commercial potential that the data gap represents.

November 19 – 2019

Speaker Session

The Potential of 'The Gender Data Gap'

Throughout history we have been developing and improving products and services based on the male prototype. This development has created a situation where we are missing data about women. It sounds incredulous to some. It is nonetheless true!

Today we can use technology to collect all sorts of data. We are also at a point in time, where women globally represent an enormous buying power. All of this has created a basis for innovation and new business opportunities.

Listen to this keynote about the Gender Data Gap and get inspired!

Maj-Britt Kjær Sørensen from NORDKJÆR will introduce you to ‘The Gender Data Gap’;
What does it mean?
Where do we see it?
What are the effects?
What potential does it represent?
Who will be able to reap the benefits of reducing or removing the data gap?
Where can we improve services and products by merely focusing on gender data?


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