Innovation, digitization and change management


Management and leadership is about transforming strategy and goals into tangible, concrete and quantifiable results. NORDKJÆR assists by contributing with expertise within the areas of innovation, change management, digitization and communication, to efficiently transform theories into practice.

Lectures & Workshops

Provide inspiration and knowledge about innovation and digitization throughout your organization. Current topics are amongst others: Lean Start-Up, Design Thinking, Changes & Willingness to Change, Prototyping, Computational Thinking and Design Sprints.

Master Classes

NORDKJÆR offers Master Classes to private companies. Get insights, knowledge and tools for working with innovation, product development and teamwork through courses focusing on corporate innovation, design thinking and change management.


Most managers know that their company needs to maintain or increase their competitiveness through innovation and digitization if they are to succeed in today's business environment.

It is our creativity and our ability to transform this creativity into products, services and processes that positions us well in the increasing competition.

At the same time most managers and leaders know how hard it is to transform theory into practice - and in this case innovation theory and digitization opportunities into efficient processes and marketable products and services.

NORDKJÆR specializes in innovation, change management, digitization and communication in a commercial context and supplies the required knowledge and assistance that secures tangible results that are easy to communicate.

NORDKJÆR offers consultancy, Master Classes, lectures and workshops that assist you to achieve greater innovation in your company.

This is done through general consultancy and coaching in relation to innovation strategy and innovation management - with a special expertise and focus on communication and change management.


Maj-Britt Kjær Sørensen
+45 2082 8564

News about innovation


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