NORDKJÆR enables small and large organizations to unlock new growth and become successfull in the digital economy where innovation and digitization normally demand a lot of internal ressources.

By combining Best Practice and extensive hands on experience from a variety of companies NORDKJÆR assists private companies in securing a strategic focus and increasing the ability to execute. 

Today innovation and digitization is a requirement from most boards, directors and managers in practically every type of company. However, it is often hard to find qualified persons or candidates who has the detailed theoretical insights, the practical hands on experience as well as the tools for creating a successful, long-term and efficient innovation and digitization transformation.

This creates the basis for the service offerings NORDKJÆR brings to the market. We assist with consultancy and by offering change agents. We help uncover the best focus for the individual company. What strategic approach is the company to focus on and how does it need to handle it on a day to day basis? If needed NORDKJÆR can also assist in implementing the strategy. 

Consultancy or coaching can take place through e.g. strategy sessions with focus on the three aforementioned areas of interest but can also be an integrated part of a larger project or initiative. 


Stay updated about cases, master classes, services, articles etc. 

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